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Marriage Counseling in Denver

Few of us get married and expect that marriage will make things harder. We think to ourselves, our marriage will beat the statistics. We'll be that old couple still holding hands. But almost every relationship eventually gets difficult or runs into trouble. Relationships are simply hard, and the more important the relationship, the harder it can be.

marriage-counseling-denver-happy-couple-2Some couples do figure it out on their own. They learn how to fight fair and stay connected and close even when they disagree or have conflict. Both learn how to ask for what they need in the relationship, but are willing to balance that against the needs of their partner and of the relationship as a whole. And both take responsibility for their own mistakes and short-comings.

But most couples get trapped in a cycle of hurtful conflict, whether it's about sex, money, kids, chores, or "communication," before they can learn these crucial skills, and find that it's difficult if not impossible to escape without help. Some couples always seem to be fighting and blaming, back and forth. Other couples go cold and distant for years at a time. Some just limp along for years, settling for a good-enough marriage.

Hope for married couples in Denver

The good news is that there is a way back to loving, liking, and enjoying each other again. I have seen marriage counseling help my clients here in Denver get back to feeling connected, safe, and satisfied in their marriages, and I believe it can do the same for you.

It will take work, honesty, and humility, but if you and your spouse are ready and willing, marriage counseling can help you. I look forward to meeting you soon at one of LifeCraft Counseling's Denver offices for a free consultation. Click here to get started.

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