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Sometimes psychological injuries run deeper than internet advice can solve. As your Denver therapist, I can give you the help you need to heal, grow, or overcome many common mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, and addictions.

I know that it can be difficult to admit - even to ourselves - that we might have run into a problem we can't solve on our own. The prospect of opening up to a professional therapist can be even more daunting. But sometimes that's exactly what we need in order to move forward.

Humans are inherently relational. There is something powerful and healing in the simple act of talking through hard things with another person. When you and I begin our work together, you can relax knowing that I have your best interests in mind, that I won't judge you or think that you're weak, that I won't gossip about you, that I won't be overwhelmed or tired out by you.

denver-counselor-coach-gideon-killionYou'll also know that I have the professional skills to go beyond simple, therapeutic listening. I'll use questions, responses, exercises, and education, all grounded in lots of real-life experience and knowledge of psychology, to help you heal, get unstuck, and begin to grow again.

Beyond all of that, I am down-to-earth and have an irreverent sense of humor. With most of my clients, there is as much laughing as there is crying.

If you're ready to begin a new chapter, to start down a path to better things, I'm ready to help. Call, email, or use my contact form to start the process through therapy at LifeCraft Counseling & Coaching in Denver.

Lifecraft Counseling & Coaching is no longer in business or serving clients. This website is maintained for informative purposes only.

If you are looking for a counselor, coach, or other mental wellness provider, consider using Psychology Today, Good Therapy, or other online directories. You may also wish to contact your insurance provider. Or, try one of these providers:

If this is an emergency please call 911 or go to you nearest hospital emergency room. You can also call Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-TALK(8255).

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