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Relationships are hard. Even good ones. Maybe you’re stuck in a cycle of hurtful fighting. Maybe you’re trying to recover from an affair. Or, maybe your relationship just isn’t as good as you hoped it would be.

You want a relationship with your spouse or partner that is fun, intimate, and satisfying. You want to enjoy each other, depend on each other, and care for each other. But it can be so hard to get there.

Build a better relationship

Relationships are so hard precisely because they are so important. They arouse our deep human need for connection to each other, and are probably the single most important factor in our happiness and health. Using kindness, humor, and a counseling method (EFT) based on adult attachment theory, I help couples break through their painful cycle of conflict to rediscover or create the satisfying relationship they long for.

If you and your partner or spouse are ready to rebuild and reconnect, and are willing to do the work involved, then a better relationship is within your reach. Contact me today to schedule your free consultation, and find out how I can help you.

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