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Helping men craft fulfilling and purposeful lives.




"There ought to be more to life than this."

Have you ever thought this? You're not alone. Many men — even those who appear outwardly successful — feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, or as though their lives don't have purpose or meaning. Others feel stuck — blocked from reaching their goals or prevented from being who they need to be.

Manhood is harder than it looks.

As boys we dreamed of being astronauts, sports stars, and superheroes. But most of us grow up to far more ordinary lives. We try to balance the competing demands of jobs, families, bills, etc., in a society that is increasingly competitive and isolating. On top of all that, the very definition of what it means to be a man has become more complicated and less certain.

I can help you find satisfaction, meaning, and success.

My passion, as a dedicated therapist for men in Denver, is enabling men to find fulfillment, get unstuck, and be successful. I know what it's like to be a man, struggling to meet the demands of modern life, all the while knowing that something is missing. Through my own journey, both in life and as a counselor and life coach, I have learned that there are principles and practices we can use to find these missing pieces and make our lives better. I would be honored to share them with you.


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