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How can [those people] be so wrong?
Understanding the psychology of our political divisions.

Moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt offers reasons for America’s deep political divisions in this fascinating TED Talk.

This past election — which feels like it’s still going on — seems different to me than others I remember. I’ve found it harder than usual to understand how the other side could see things so differently. I don’t think I’m alone. Most of the people I’ve talked to, regardless of their political leanings, seem to be struggling with this same question.

I really like this TED Talk. Jonathan Haidt uses ideas from the field of moral psychology to try to explain why and how the US is so divided, and how we recover from this. He touches on a wide range of themes that I’m personally curious about like tribalism, globalism, authoritarianism, empathy, and cognitive bias.

You may or may not be comfortable with all of his conclusions, but it should be fascinating none the less.

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